[Author Biography]

Chih-Yuan Chen

Chen has enjoyed painting from the time he was small. At the age of 19, Chen became interested in illustration for children's stories. Much of his learning has come from life. The sense of dignity and security provided by his parents would prove to be the foundation for his later work in children's picture books. In these works, Chen transforms his experiences of growing up in hardship into realistic scenes that 
resonate with audiences around the globe.

Book Review

A small bear with a big heart makes the holiday merry and bright for his family in Chen's (On My Way to Buy Eggs) tenderhearted tale featuring mixed-media illustrations as sublimely sweet as sugarplums. Little Bear intuitively knows that with his father out of work there will be no gifts this Christmas. But unbeknownst to his siblings and parents (though eagle-eye readers will spot the visual clues), the cub sets about acquiring the kind of thoughtful presents --believed to be from Santa--that make the Bears' holiday shine with love. The perfect pairing of message and image is truly a holiday treat. 

---------- Publishers Weekly, starred Review     



This is a particularly handsome book: the paper is thick; the illustrations are moving, with much of the impact coming from the arresting design and the characters' body language; even the typeface, looking as if it came from a typewriter, is unique. Not the usual holiday story, this catches the spirit in its own special way. 




The minimalist illustrations in a subdued palette convey the sadness of the parents, the hope of the children and the pleasure experienced in simple gifts.

---------- Kirkus