Mimi Says NO 

Does your child often say "No", like Mimi? As they become more independent, children enjoy exploring their environment and develop a more clearly defined sense of self. In many situations, they tend to insist on doing something themselves. ˇ§Noˇ¨ becomes their pet phrase.   more...

Mimi Loves to Mimic 

Does your child love to imitate others, like Mimi? Imitation is part of a childˇ¦s nature, a means by which they learn about and explore their environment. This is a book that looks at the world through childrenˇ¦s eyes, vividly portraying their world of imitation.   more...

Artie and Julie 

Julie, a young rabbit, goes to the grasslands to eat some grass. Artie, a young lion, goes to the grasslands to eat... some rabbits. When the two meet in a jellyberry patch, the unexpected happens... Artie and Julie's parallel stories are innovatively presented in split pages; as their stories converge, 
so do the pages. This skillful combination of form and content creates an enchanting effect.   more...

Best Christmas Ever, The 

Business was bad for Little Bear's father this year and he was unable to find work. There isn't much money left.

Christmas is almost here, and everyone would be expecting gifts... Readers of all ages will be moved by the touching story told in this refreshingly illustrated book.   more...

Bear Who Wanted to Be a Bear, The 

When a brown bear awakes in the spring from 
his hibernation, he can only stand and stare. A 
modern factory has been built right over his den! 
A factory guard scolds him, calling him a 
lazybones, refusing to believe he is a bear. 
Failing to prove his identity, the bear has no 
choice but to join the others as a human worker.
This funny and engaging story, created by the 
talented team of Jorg Steiner and Jorg Muller, 
successfully portrays the contrast between the 
modern, mechanized world and the purity of 
nature, making this picture book a remarkable 
modern fable.  more...

Changing Countryside, The

A simple little village, Where butterflies and fragrant flowers 
cohabited, the buzz of cicadas and songs of birds commingled,
enveloped by the stars and moon. One day, a bulldozer came... 
This book is composed of seven full-spread illustrations. 
The illustrator worked from the same perspective as previously, 
taking three years to meticulously record changes occurring 
in a small village over a twenty-year period. The book has 
moreover made a lasting impression, with numerous kindergartens and primary schools adopting it in their curriculums. Countless teachers have found this book quite useful as they lead discussions with students on environmental issues.   more...

Featherless Chicken, The

In this lively and humorous book, a featherless chicken longs to play with four beautifully adorned chickens. At first his hopes are dashed, until... Chih-Yuan Chen's artwork dances on full-page spreads, a showcase of completeness and skill, a treasure trove of childhood fun. The Featherless Chicken is full of humor and highly entertaining episodes. At story-sharing events, young readers have received it with great enthusiasm.   more...


Leaves are cribs for tiny caterpillars. Flowers are slumbering beds for butterflies. All singing birds have cozy nests...
Home, in Yang Huan's eyes, has abundant possibility. 
His poem recreates images of little creatures in nature, 
evoking the tender feeling of peaceful existence.   more...

Is Grandpa Wearing a Suit?

Bruno's grandfather has passed away. Bruno attends the funeral with the grown-ups, but doesn't believe his grandfather has really died -- he must be just sleeping! 
Bruno can't figure out where Grandpa has gone. Is he in the ground or in heaven? Bruno's efforts to come to terms with his grandfather's death receive a delicate and humorous treatment in this warm and realistic story. The confusion, distress and sadness that Bruno experiences can help readers become aware of, and give expression to, their own feelings. Gleich's powerful illustrations add beauty and depth to a touching and engrossing narrative.   more...

Me and My Bike


A young boy dreams of owning a brand-new bicycle. From this central theme, the tale explores his interaction with his mother, grandfather and friends, and we see how he reacts in times of both hope and despair. While finding that nothing in life is perfect, he makes the pleasing discovery of strength within himself.    more...

Not My Fault


The collective memories of childhood will always include the scene of a classmate being bullied and victimized. 
In such a situation, do we choose to stand up and protect him or her
ˇH Do we watch silently from the sidelinesˇH Or do we join the ranks of the bulliesˇH This book is written from the perspective of schoolyard interactions, intended to stimulate thought on the matter of "responsibility." The simply worded narration ends with a question, leaving the reader room for reflection.    more...

Where is Spring


A little boy sends his kite up to ask around ... 
Beginning with a imple question, "Where is spring?
"this poem lights up all the imagination of a 

season.From field to forest, form faraway seas to 

places nearby, Yang-Huan invites readers to follow the footsteps of spring and start a wonderful blossom trip.